What a clever doggy!!!

I took Dud to obedience class this past Sunday, as usual. As usual, he had a bit of a play with other dogs, primarily Chillie, a 5-month-old Rough Collie bitch. All normal.

Just before class started, I was called to the fence by Pete, the Class Two instructor (Dud’s class). He told me that he’d been discussing me with Alex, the head trainer, and that I was to join Alex’s class for the first 15 minutes.

Well, I did as I’d been told, and joined Alex’s class, where he proceeded to run us through our paces. 15 minutes passed, then 20 then 25 … and then it was time to stop, the class over for the day.

Alex took me aside and told me that he was happy with Dud’s progress, and we were going up to Class Three, woot!!! Class Three had been my goal for Dud, you see.

I’m right proud of Duddit; it’s unusual to go up between classes, and he’s now done it twice! The next graduation is a few weeks away.

What a clever doggy! 😀

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