Smart dog!

It was cold last night, got down to 6°C. Not terribly cold but some people’s standards, but I come from a place where 35°C is a ‘warm day’ 😉

So I had both dogs inside. Dud has arthritis, Joey is old, and I can’t leave decent bedding outside for them without Dud pulverising it. I kid you not, he doesn’t just rip bedding, he shreds it better than a blender! Thankfully he understands that he mustn’t do that inside the house though …

Anyway, I filled the two hot-water bottles (one for my feet and one for my back), climbed into bed, waited for the dogs to settle on the bed, and then got comfortable on my left side to watch YouTube videos on my phone. I was aware of Joey moving around and getting comfortable behind me, but I left him be.

About half an hour later I was sufficiently warm to attempt sleep, so I turned off YouTube and set my phone to “bedside clock”, rolled over, and found …

… Joey had snuggled under the covers, paws wrapped around the hot water bottle, chest and belly pressed to the bottle, and he was fast asleep and snoring. Smart dog!

I didn’t have the heart to move him, so I curled around him and turned off the light … as you do LOL

So warm!

P.S. I mightn’t have had the heart to move him, but Dud had no such compunctions. He, too, had made himself comfortable under the covers. I guess he got a bit hot, because all of a sudden he rose and walked off, taking all the covers with him. Poor Joey! And poor me, for that matter, I was comfortable!

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