Winter, Warmth, and Waggly Tails

Slept with a dog either side last night, Dud on the left, Joey on the right. Tight squeeze as it was (Joey, the Chihuahua, takes up as much room as Dud, the Belgian Shepherd. How does THAT work?), I felt completely safe, and I slept beautifully (which reinforces my belief that the insomnia is, in fact, a safety issue. I certainly had no problems with it last night).

It was comfortable in its own right, too; roll onto my left side, I could put my arms around Dud and snuggle. Roll on my right, I could do the same with Joey. Each time I rolled, the dog I was rolling away from simply shifted his position slightly to mould himself into the shape of my back, or neck, etc.

Dud sleeps under the covers these days, now that it’s cold and his hips are bothering him. I simply lift the covers on the left side, and he makes his way onto the bed, lays down, and the stretches out on his left side, paws dangling over the edge of the bed. And he doesn’t move again until morning XD

Saves electricity, too. With the electric blanket on low, I get enough warmth from these two to keep me happy and dreaming through the night. They’re happy, I’m happy, everybody wins!

Some people might say my dogs are spoiled. I say it’s pretty bloody likely *grin*

Anyway, it’s Sunday. That means school for Dud, and playtime with his friends. I got a video of him playing with them last week, so sweet! Graduation is next week, and Dud will officially move up to Grade Three. He’s been in Grade Three for about two months now, but it couldn’t be made official until graduation 🙂

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