Baby speaks up!


Ooh it’s a camera I like cameras!

Intro: In 2008, I gave the “kids” a chance to share their thoughts on my blog. The post below is one of five posts written at the time. I was archiving my old blog today and came across them, and thought I’d share them again 🙂 Enjoy!

Sadly, two of these “kids” are no longer with us; Jessi, and Baby. See the “meet the family” link for their stories.


We get pages now? Really? I can say what I want? Ooh, this is exciting, nobody’s ever listened to me before. Wow, thanks Mum! You can have my bone. Wait, no you can’t, but I am very grateful. I won’t even dig out again, well, I probably will, but I’ll be thinking how thankful I am when I do. Oh, I am so excited I don’t know what to say first! Wait, what did Jessi say? Maybe I can get ideas off her? Wait, no, she’s a cat, I can’t get ideas off her. But I am so excited! I get to say whatever I want!!! Oh, did you know I have a bone buried out back? Mum doesn’t even know. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that. It’s my bone. It’s a very nice bone. Joey gave it to me. Well, he didn’t give it to me, I stoled it when he wasn’t looking. But it is a very nice bone. All the meat’s gone, but the bone is nice. I like bones. Do you like bones? Oh look, there’s another dog, what’s your name? Benji? Hi Benji, I’m Baby, want to play. Wait, I’m not really Baby, that’s just what Mum calls me. I’m really Milly. But Mum doesn’t call me that. She calls me Baby. But that okay, because Mum gives me bones. I like bones. I have a nice bone out back, but it’s my bone, not yours, but I’ll share my toys with you if you like? I have some nice toys, but they don’t squeak. Well, one does, but the others don’t. But that’s okay, I’ll share them with you anyway. Do you wanna play? Wait, where is everyone going???

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