How do I turn the monitor on? Oh, there we go *purr*

Jessi, 2008

Waddya want?

Intro: In 2008, I gave the “kids” a chance to share their thoughts on my blog. The post below is one of five posts written at the time. I was archiving my old blog today and came across them, and thought I’d share them again 🙂 Enjoy!

Sadly, two of these “kids” are no longer with us; Jessi, and Baby. See the “meet the family” link for their stories.


Hello, my dear underlings.  Mum left the computer on and promptly got distracted (poor forgetful thing), so I thought I’d grab this chance to jump on and say my piece.

The very first thing is all these dogs I see.  I’ve been begging Mum to give me my own page, but does she?  Oh no.  And yet all these slobbering mangy DOGS get their own pages?  Where’s the justice in that?  Aren’t I so much better than a dog?  Come on, their idea of a bath is to roll in MY excrement.  Have they no dignity?

And speaking of dignity, that ridiculous human of mine tells people she owns me.  I mean really!  I let her live in my house and feed me, and she has the gumption to say she owns me?  The very thought!

And then there’s those other so-called cats I am forced to share my home with.  The one Mum calls Tilly is okay, she minds her own business, and keeps out of my way.  But George, he really licks my fur the wrong way!  Parading around like he’s some kind of proud lion, and then moments later chasing walls and pouncing on thin air.  Really!  Where is his pride?

And don’t get me started on those two ridiculous little dogs.  Their only purpose is to show by comparison how elegant a cat is.  Not a prissy dainty wannabe like George, but a REAL cat!  I will concede, however, that they are good for warmth on a cold night.  Other than that, I cannot comprehend why my human keeps them at all.

Well, I have allowed you to bask in my glory long enough.  I am due for another bath.  And I don’t mean those ridiculous water baths the humans insist on giving us, either.  Really!  If it wasn’t for my lack of opposable thumb, I doubt I’d have very much use for those creatures at all.

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