Make way, hot stuff coming through!


Is that a mouse … on the ceiling???

Intro: In 2008, I gave the “kids” a chance to share their thoughts on my blog. The post below is one of five posts written at the time. I was archiving my old blog today and came across them, and thought I’d share them again 🙂 Enjoy!

Sadly, two of these “kids” are no longer with us; Jessi, and Baby. See the “meet the family” link for their stories.


My turn? Okay. Sounds good to me.

Now, about this shadow-chasing thing … I don’t chase shadows. I don’t chase walls. What I actually chase is those little blue mice. They’re much more interesting then regular mice, because the girls can’t see them. They’re special, and only I can see them. You’d think Mum, of all of the family, would understand.

Look there goes another one right now … but Mum said I wasn’t to get distracted while I write this. I’m allowed to chase them again afterward.

Mum thinks I’m trying to dominate Jessi, but she’s got it all backward. I’m not trying to dominate anyone. It’s just that Jessi gets so worked up whenever I come near, that I can’t resist pulling her strings. I don’t know why she doesn’t like me, and I don’t care. My mission in life is to have fun, chase little blue mice, and love as many females as I can before I die.

Oops, better not let Tilly read that. I do love her, really, but it’s just that she’s such a cold fish. I have needs and, well, my bells could grow back any day, and when they do, I don’t want to restrict myself to just one lady. There’s plenty of George to go around … or at least there will be, when they grow back.

Humans amaze me. How did Mum know they were going to fall off, anyway? It’s like magic. I don’t like the vet, but at least she got me there before they fell off. Now they have a chance to grow back again. Thanks Mum!

I guess Joey’s next, huh? I like Joey. He’s my best bud! His bells have fallen off too, but that’s okay, he wouldn’t be able to catch Baby anyway, and Bikkie’s too big for him. Is Bikkie getting a page too? No? Okay. Just us five? Yeah, sounds fair.

My only gripe about Mum is this ridiculous cage she put out back. She calls it a cattery, but yeah, it’s a cage. When my bells do grow back, I wonder how I’m supposed to love those ladies that come into our yard from time to time?

Well, I guess I’d better go lick some more. The cat next door told me he got his bells to grow back that way.

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