So who is Kitty anyway?

I’m just me.  I’m a little bit crazy, a little bit eccentric, but a whole lot friendly.  Treat me with respect, and I’ll treat you with respect.  Act bitchy, and I’ll take away your toys 🙂

I’m “furmomma” to two cats and two dogs (I lost Jessi in August last year, and Baby in December).  I also have any number of visitors who pass through; some stay a day, some stay for months, some stay for a visit and never end up going home. I guess you could say I’m  bit of a crazy cat lady but, in my opinion, people who don’t like animals are the crazy ones 😀

I love animals.  Animals are real, they don’t mess with you.  If they like you, they lick your hand.  If they don’t like you, they bite you.  Simple.  I wish people could be like that too.

We could all learn a lot from animals.

Other than that … I was born midway through 1981, but I’m mentally much older.  I’ve had a hard life and it’s aged me, but I still know how to have fun.  I am bipolar, on mood stabilisers, and I also have OCD and a few other fun bits and bobs.  I don’t let it get me down, though; I draw on my experiences and struggles for strength, and channel them into new opportunities.  Don’t pity me, because that bugs me.  Instead, acknowledge the road I’ve walked, and let’s keep walking it together 🙂

A psychiatrist once asked me if I saw my glass as half empty or half full.  I replied that it was half-full, but then I drank it LOL  What’s life for if not for living?

So yeah, that’s me.  You’re welcome to join me in my journey.  Who knows?  We may just help each other arrive in one piece!


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