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Memoirs of a handsome dog

How do I turn this on? Wait, is that thing supposed to fall on the ground? Never mind, I can read it sideways, it’s all good. My name is Dud, and Mum said I could borrow her computer for a … Continue reading

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Winter, Warmth, and Waggly Tails

Slept with a dog either side last night, Dud on the left, Joey on the right. Tight squeeze as it was (Joey, the Chihuahua, takes up as much room as Dud, the Belgian Shepherd. How does THAT work?), I felt … Continue reading

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Smart dog!

It was cold last night, got down to 6°C. Not terribly cold but some people’s standards, but I come from a place where 35°C is a ‘warm day’ 😉 So I had both dogs inside. Dud has arthritis, Joey is … Continue reading

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What a day!

Today was a bad, bad day for Dud. I mean, it started out well enough; it was cold last night, so I had him under the covers with me, and he was toasty warm. At 3am I woke up with … Continue reading

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What a clever doggy!!!

I took Dud to obedience class this past Sunday, as usual. As usual, he had a bit of a play with other dogs, primarily Chillie, a 5-month-old Rough Collie bitch. All normal. Just before class started, I was called to … Continue reading

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The bills keep coming

Last Sunday morning, I let Dud in to get him ready for “school”, only to find him holding his back right leg up close to his rib cage. My first reaction was “oh shit, he’s broken his leg!” which was … Continue reading

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Dud’s ball (LOL)

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Hello, my name is Carrie, but a lot of people know me as either Caghs or Kitty. I’ve loved animals for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, we had a blind German Shepherd named Rani (Rah•nee) that Mum … Continue reading

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